URAL Prices

URAL Prices from January 2018 (OTR)logo4 copy

  • cT                   £13,495.00 
  • Tourist            £14,745.00
  • Sportsman      £14,745.00
  • Ranger           £15,245.00
  • Retro              £15,245.00

Standard colours 2017 at standard prices 2017

  • Ural T TWD Black Matt, Tundra, Terracotta Metallic
  • Ranger Forest camouflage, Urban camouflage, Asphalt
  • Sportsman Black with white lines, Azur, Light Brown metallic
  • Tourist Terracotta Metallic, Black Metallic, Burgundy Metallic
  • Retro Black with double white lines, Asphalt, Light Brown Metallic
  • Ural cT Terracotta, Black Metallic, Azur

Please note;

A surcharge has to be paid for other colours than standard.