Battle Green and Desert Storm

BulletBG-staticFirst introduced in 1932, the Royal Enfield Bullet has a long tradition of military service; thousands were supplied to the British Army and RAF for use by despatch riders during the Second World War. When updated for 1949 the Bullet was chosen for patrol duties by the Indian Army, a fact that has ensured its survival to this day. The Battle Green and Desert Storm models pay homage to the company’s military heritage. Both have bodywork and frame painted in matt colours, with plain white decals, in contrast to the high gloss finish of the majority of traditionally styled models in the Royal Enfield range.

Powered by the latest fuel-injected unit engine, with 5-speed gearbox and multi-plate clutch, the Battle Green and Desert Storm combine classic looks and sound with modern levels of performance and reliability thanks to front disc brake, gas-filled rear suspension, hydraulic pushrods and 12-volt halogen headlight. This package delivers enhanced performance and handling with reduced emissions and maintenance compared to the machines originally supplied to the armed forces.

T5 Kits

Royal Enfield supplied 29,000 model WD/CO 350cc motorcycles to the British armed forces during the Second World WarThe T5 kit was created to give modern Battle Green and Desert Storm models a more purposeful and military appearance.

Designed to fit directly to Battle Green and Desert Storm models, as well as the C5 Classic, without the need for specialist tools or modification, Watsonian can supply new bikes in T5 trim too.

The kit includes Continental Twinduro tyres, for reliable performance both on and off road, braced ‘scrambles’ handlebars and an alloy bash plate, plus decals based on RAF despatch rider colours.