zanzara-redAnother introduction for 2016 is the Zanzara, a version of the lightweight Meteor sidecar, designed to be fitted to the GTS 250/300 scooters from Vespa. Zanzara is the Italian word for mosquito, a reference to the sidecar body, which was originally based on the shape of reserve fuel tanks from the famous RAF Mosquito aircraft. It also seemed an appropriate name for a sidecar designed to be fitted to a ‘wasp’ (vespa means wasp in Italian).

Watsonian had to develop a special chassis and sub-frame to attach the sidecar to scooter’s pressed steel frame, and fitted it with a 12” Vespa front wheel for balance. The mudguard is the deeply valenced Classic shape, which first appeared in 1955, and the fold-down aero screen completes the period appearance. The seat tilts forward to provide access to storage space behind. It weighs approximately 65 kg.

  • Overall Length – 2100 mm
  • Leg room – 1120 mm
  • Cockpit width – 390 mm
  • Weight – 65 kg