Speedmaster Sidecar from Watsonian

Business is booming at Watsonian Sidecars, who have added a fitting kit for the new Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster to their extensive range.

The British sidecar manufacturer celebrates its 110th birthday this year and reports a 50% increase in demand compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Managing Director Ben Matthews says that product development is key to the company’s success;

“While the design of our sidecars hasn’t changed significantly over the past 50 years, the bikes we attach them to are completely different. In order to build an outfit that handles properly, you need a bike-specific fitting kit to ensure the geometry is balanced and that’s where our experience and expertise comes in. The modern classic revival has kept us busy, with demand from owners in the UK, Europe and the USA wanting to create traditional-looking outfits.”

The Speedmaster kit consists of four individual fittings, designed and engineered in Watsonian’s factory, which bolt to carefully chosen mounting points on the motorcycle’s tubular steel frame, for a secure and stable set-up that will stand the test of time.

It is pictured fitted to the Watsonian Grand Prix Jubilee sidecar, which has a fibreglass bodyshell, siting in a tubular permiter frame, with a 16″ spoked wheel.