Watsonian match Manx with Vespa

VESPA-MANX-frontWatsonian have developed a kit to match their popular GP Manx sidecar with the Vespa GTS & GTV scooters.

With a 300 cc engine delivering 22 HP and 22.3 Nm of torque, the Vespa GTS is well-suited to sidecar work, however finding suitable attachment points is challenging.

Watsonian developed a special chassis and sub-frame to attach the sidecar to scooter’s pressed steel frame, and fitted it with hydraulic suspension and a 12” Vespa front wheel for a balanced appearance and ride.

The design of the GP Manx dates back to the 1960s, although the octagonal nose was inspired by the Watsonian Sports sidecar of 1930 (so it was retro 50 years ago). Its fibreglass body offers 53 inches/1346 mm of leg room and the cockpit is 18 inches/457 mm wide, making it comfortable for passengers of most sizes. Access to the boot is achieved by tilting the seat forwards.

Prices start at £4500- including factory fitting. A tonneau cover is also included in the price and a hood is an optional extra.

Watsonian build sidecars in their factory in the North Cotswolds and are the UK’s largest and longest-established manufacturer (founded in 1912).