Watsonian’s Royal scooter sidecar

Watsonian have expanded their range of sidecar fitting kits to include the recently-launched range of Royal Alloy scooters.

The British manufacturer started making scooter sidecars in the 1950s and currently offers fitting kits to suit the classic Vespa PX range, modern retro Vespa GT and several popular maxi scooters too.

Engineers at the company’s Cotswold factory developed a sub-frame to attach a sidecar chassis to the steel cradle frame on the Royal Alloy, and fitted it with hydraulic suspension and matching 12” wheel, for a balanced appearance and ride.

The sidecar body is the popular GP Manx, a compact sports design dating back to the 1960s. Its glass fibre shell offers 53 inches/1346 mm of leg room and the cockpit is 18 inches/457 mm wide, making it comfortable for passengers of most sizes. Access to the boot is achieved by tilting the seat forwards, providing plenty of storage space for luggage/shopping.

It comes fitted with a shortened screen and deeply valenced classic mudguard, plus tonneau cover, as standard. Since every sidecar is hand built by Watsonian, a range of optional extras are available, such as chrome luggage rack, hood and colour-match paintwork.

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