Sidecar Prices

Watsonian Sidecar Prices

  • Watsonian Mule – £2995-
  • Meteor – £4195-
  • Zanzara – £4195-
  • GP Manx – £4750-
  • Flight – £5195-
  • Monza – £5250-
  • Grand Prix – £5750-
  • GP700 – £6295-

Mudguard & Wheel options available on Grand Prix, GP700 & Monza models.

  • Classic – 10 inch wheel with stainless steel trim, heavily valanced 1950s style mudguard.
  • DL – 10 inch alloy wheel, sports mudguard.
  • Jubilee – 16 inch wire spoked wheel, mudguard to suit with inset alloy strip, polished stainless steel rear chassis loop, cast alloy step plate.

Colour Options

Standard colours are Black or white. We have a wide range of Gelcoat colours available for an additional £100. Full colour paint match is also available, please ask for a quote, prices vary depending on colour and design.

All sidecar prices include a standard 4 arm sidecar fitting kit. They do not include the fittings that attach to your bike or the labour to fit the sidecar, as these vary depending on make & model. Standard bike fitting kits range from £350 – £800. Some motorcycles require an additional sub-frame. Full fitting and re-alignment service available, please call us for a quote.