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Sidecars for BMW motorcycles

BMW R 18 an Watsonian Grand Prix Sidecar

The roaring engines of BMW motorcycles have left an indelible mark on the past century and Watsonian can supply and fit sidecars for most popular models.

BMW’s journey began in 1923, not with cars, but with the iconic R 32, a shaft-driven, flat-twin beast that defied convention. This signature boxer engine, with its cylinders jutting out like fists, became synonymous with the brand. It roared through war and peace, from the sidecar-laden fields of WWII to the dusty trails of adventurous globetrotters.

Their GS series, born in 1980, redefined the adventure motorcycle. These all-terrain steeds conquered continents, with the R 80 G/S leading the charge.

Today, BMW Motorrad offers a diverse range, from sleek sportbikes to luxurious tourers. But one thing remains constant: the spirit of innovation and the unmistakable rumble of that signature boxer engine, forever forging its own path on the open road.

 Sidecars for BMW Bikes

Watsonian have been fitting their sidecars to BMW motorbikes for many years, with attachment kits suitable for mounting to either the left or right side of the bike.

Whether you ride a GS series adventure sport bike, and RT tourer or sportier RS model Watsonian can supply and/or fit a sidecar to your BMW motorcycle. The new BMW R 18 series cruiser is also proving a popular choice for Watsonian sidecars.

The choice of sidecar depends partly on the bike and also on its intended use. The compact GP Manx is well-suited to the 800cc BMW models, as is the Grand Prix, which has more luggage space in its lockable boot.

For the cruiser and touring models, the Monza offers timeless elegance, while the wide-body GP700 will carry one adult, or a couple of children, in comfort. The Sterling was initially developed with the R 18 in mind and can be customised to suit the owner’s taste.

Watsonian’s durable, British-built body shells come in white or black as standard, but other gelcoat finishes are available. They can even be colour-matched to your bike, thanks to our expert local paint-shop.

Call or email our friendly and experienced team if you are interested in fitting a Watsonian sidecar to your Harley-Davidson.

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