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Watsonian Sidecar Body Numbers

Watsonian sidecar body numbers can usually be found on a brass plate located beneath the seat or, on the wooden dashboard (if the model has one). It is possible to identify the year by the letter prefix as follows:

1950-59 A/50, B/51, C/52, D/53, E/54, F/55, G/56, H/57, K/58, L/59
1960-69 M/60, N/61, P/62, Q/63, R/64, S/65,T/66, U/67, V/68, W/69
1970-79 X/70, Y/71, Z/72, A/73, B/74, C/75, D/76, E/77, F/78, G/79
1980-89 H/80, J/81, K/82, L/83, M/84, N85, P/86, R/87, S/88, T/89
1990-93 U/90, V/91, W/92, X/93

Model numbers start with A in 1950 and run to Z in 1972, starting again at A in 1972 ad continuing to X in 1993, when Watsonian ceased to number bodies.

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