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Watsonian Prescott lightweight sidecar. Designed to be fitted on left or right side of the motorcycle. 

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Watsonian Prescott: A Sidecar Steeped in History and Performance

The Watsonian Prescott is a sidecar that oozes both history and performance. Its design dates back to 1946, when the original bodies were built using a batch of reserve fuel tanks from RAF Mosquito bombers, sourced from the Air Ministry after World War II! Talk about a unique pedigree.

Today, the Prescott is crafted from fiberglass using a mold taken from one of the original plywood body shells. This retains the classic look while ensuring durability and consistent production. In 2021, Watsonian gave the Prescott a fresh lease of life by redesigning the body to be molded in two halves. This not only speeds up production but also creates a distinctive central crown running along the body, adding a touch of elegance.

The Prescott sits on a sturdy tubular steel chassis with a powder-coated finish for lasting protection against the elements. Hydraulic suspension ensures a smooth ride, while the classic 16-inch wheel with stainless steel spokes and a machined Watsonian hub adds a touch of vintage charm.

Comfort and practicality are not forgotten either. A fold-down Brooklands screen mounted on a cast aluminium bar provides shelter from the wind, while the seat tilts forward to reveal storage space behind. A tonneau cover is also included to keep your belongings safe and dry.

The Prescott’s compact dimensions and lightweight construction make it a versatile option for various motorcycles. And for those who want a true piece of aviation history, there’s even a special “Zanzarra” version, named after the Italian word for “mosquito” – a nod to the sidecar’s unique heritage.

No matter which side you choose (left or right, depending on your region’s regulations), the Watsonian Prescott is sure to turn heads and provide an unforgettable sidecar experience.

To find out more about the law covering sidecars in the UK, click here

Prescott walkaround video

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