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The GP700 is the wide-bodied version of the popular Grand Prix, with a generous bench seat capable of carrying an adult and small child or two children

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The Watsonian GP700 is the king of the road when it comes to sidecars. Its spacious interior and classic design make it the perfect choice for comfortable and stylish touring.

First Impressions:

Commanding presence: The octagonal nose with aluminium beading that runs down to centre on the Watsonian name badge gives the GP700 a truly eye-catching look. It’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Ample room: The wide bench seat (640mm/25″ at hip height) comfortably accommodates two passengers, while the lockable boot offers plenty of luggage space for extended adventures.

Built to Last:

Durable construction: The powder-coated tubular steel frame ensures long-lasting strength, while the hydraulic suspension provides a smooth ride even on rough roads.

Style options: Choose from classic 16″ stainless steel spokes or modern 10″ cast aluminium wheels, both with matching mudguards. The front chassis rail can be ordered in polished stainless steel, which adds a touch of elegance.

Colour choices: Available in standard white or black gelcoat, with other colours available upon request.

Additional Features:

  • Tonneau cover, indicators, and stop lamp come standard.
  • All-weather hood available as an option for year-round comfort.
  • Left or right side fitting: Watsonian sidecars can be mounted on either side of the motorcycle to comply with local regulations.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country trip, the Watsonian GP700 sidecar is the perfect blend of comfort, style, and durability.

To find out more about the law covering sidecars in the UK, click here.

Watsonian GP700 Sidecar Gallery

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Overall length

2160 mm / 85"

Overall width

1010 mm / 40"

Leg room

1346 mm / 53"

Cockpit width

640 mm / 25.5"

Boot space

760 x 610 x 400 mm / 30" x 24" x 16"

Seat to roof

720 mm / 28.5"

weight (approx)