Sidecars from Watsonian Squire

For over a century, we’ve crafted sidecars that inspire adventure. Combining the legendary legacy of Watsonian with Squire’s modern expertise, we’re a leading European manufacturer with loyal customers worldwide. We value personal service, offering support beyond the sale, from technical advice to practical tips. Hop in and experience the joy of sidecar life!

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Watsonian GP700 sidecar
Watsonian GP Manx sidecar
GP Manx
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Watsonian Prescott Sidecar
Manx S Scooter Sidecar
Manx S Scooter Sidecar
Sterling Sidecar
Sterling Sidecar
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Used Sidecars
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Sidecar Fitting
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Sidecar Prices
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Sidecar Information

Ride Side-by-Side in Style 

We craft a widening range of sidecars to complement any two-wheeled adventure, from vintage classics to modern marvels. Whether you ride a motorcycle or scooter, modern or classic, we have the perfect sidecar to seamlessly match your style.

From Wicker to Fibreglass: A Legacy of Sidecar Evolution

In the early days, sidecar bodies were woven from natural wicker or crafted from sturdy aluminium, mounted on classic ash wood frames. Today, we utilize high-quality fiberglass (GRP), known for its durability and lightweight nature. Choose from a vibrant range of gel-coat colours to make your sidecar truly your own.

Matching Your Motorcycle: Paint Perfection

Prefer a perfect colour match? We’ve got you covered. Our experts can paint your sidecar to flawlessly complement your motorcycle, creating a unified and eye-catching duo.

Built to Last: A Foundation of Strength

Each sidecar rests upon a sturdy, welded, and powder-coated tubular steel chassis. This robust frame houses the suspension system and secure attachment points to your motorcycle, ensuring a smooth and confident ride.

Expert Installation or DIY Delight

We offer a convenient factory fitting service for most steel-framed motorcycles, taking the guesswork out of sidecar attachment. Alternatively, we also supply bespoke parts for home fitting, allowing you to personalize the process and make your sidecar truly your own.

With our commitment to quality and service we’re confident you’ll find the perfect sidecar to embark on unforgettable journeys, side-by-side with the ones you love.

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