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Introduced in 2016,  the Zanzara is a scooter sidecar. Based on the lightweight Meteor sidecar body, the chassis is designed to be fitted to the GTS 250/300 scooters from Vespa.

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Zanzara is the Italian word for mosquito, a reference to the sidecar body, which was originally based on the shape of reserve fuel tanks from the famous RAF Mosquito aircraft. It also seemed an appropriate name for a sidecar designed to be fitted to a ‘wasp’ (vespa means wasp in Italian).

Watsonian had to develop a special chassis and sub-frame to attach the sidecar to scooter’s pressed steel frame, and fitted it with a 12” Vespa front wheel for balance. The mudguard is the deeply valenced Classic shape, which first appeared in 1955, and the fold-down aero screen completes the period appearance. The seat tilts forward to provide access to storage space behind. It weighs approximately 65 kg.

Since its launch, fitting kits for other makes and model of scooter have been developed.

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