Ace Alpine Barista Sidecar

The Ace Cafe in Switzerland provides a side order of coffee on wheels with this custom-built Royal Enfield/Watsonian outfit.

Danny Kunz, owner of the Ace Café in Luzern, Switzerland, wanted to blend his twin passions of good coffee and motorcycles.

The idea for ‘Ace Sidecar Caffeine’ was spawned on a quiet Monday morning and the radical concept started with a custom-built Interceptor 650 scrambler, crafted by Auer Power Moto, a Royal Enfield dealer and bike builder based in the nearby province of Obwalden.

Danny then approached British manufacturer Watsonian with a request to provide a sidecar suitable for use as a mobile coffee bar. They supplied a Grand Prix sidecar, which complements the bike’s classic style and is attached via a sturdy sub-frame that bolts to existing mounting points on either side of the motorcycle, for a secure fit and stable handling.

The Grand Prix has a tubular steel perimeter frame that is welded for strength and durability, providing a robust and convenient mounting point for the rack that carries the coffee grinder and ECM Espresso machine.

Ready to serve bean-to-cup coffee wherever it’s parked, the outfit can also dispense Guinness 0.0 non-alcoholic beer.

Watsonian MD Ben Matthews is no stranger to unusual sidecar projects:

“As a company we’ve 111 years experience making sidecars, so we’re the go-to guys when it comes to building outfits for TV, film and specialist use. In 2020 we designed a sidecar for a Cornish chef to serve Asian street food from and prior to that we made an outfit for a London beekeeper! We’ll also be revealing something with an Italian flavour later this year!”

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