Kawasaki Z900RS with Watsonian Prescott Sidecar

Z900RS Sidecar Kit

Kawasaki’s popular Z900RS has been added to the growing list of modern classics on Watsonian Sidecars’ fitment list. 

The British manufacturer has developed a fitting kit suitable for attaching any of the sidecars in its range to the Zed 900.

Deigned and made by Watsonian in its Cotswold factory, the kit features four powder-coated tubular steel arms, with clamps that bolt onto specially selected points on the retro bike’s frame. It includes a discrete subframe, which bolts beneath the front of the engine, so the lower front arm can be attached in the ideal position. This is essential to ensure the sidecar can be set up with the correct axle lead, toe-in and lean-out, for optimum stability and predictable handling.

The Z900RS 50th anniversary edition is pictured fitted with the Watsonian Prescott, a lightweight sidecar design dating back to 1946. The body shell and DL mudguard are manufactured from fibreglass, and have been colour-matched to the bike’s Candy Diamond Brown paintwork (an optional extra). It sits on a steel platform chassis, with independent suspension, and a 10″ cast alloy wheel. The Brooklands style aeroscreen shields the cockpit and the upholstered seat folds down to give access to the luggage space behind. 

The Kawasaki Z900RS fitting kit costs £995 (including VAT) and prices for the Prescott sidecar start at £5395 in a black gelcoat finish. Watsonian offer a full factory fitting service if required.